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Patek Philippe 1518: the Most Expensive Wristwatch in the World.

To understand the record, it is necessary to know that 281 watches of this type, a perpetual calendar chronograph with moon phases, were manufactured by Patek Philippe. Of these, only 4 are known for their stainless steel version, the rarest, produced in 1941. This is one of those four wristwatches that just beat a world record for an auction on November 12 at Philips.

According to a statement published Monday by the auction house, neither the identity of the seller nor that of the purchaser were revealed. According to the expert Aurel Bacs, more than 400 people followed the sale Saturday in person and 500 on the Internet or by telephone.


For this sale, 177 watches were auctioned over the weekend, which totaled CHF 27.51 million (€25.58 million). Prior to the sale, Phillips had hoped the result would be between 12 and 23.8 million Swiss francs.

The next appointment at Phillips will take place on November 28 in Hong Kong for a sale of 38 of the most beautiful Rolex in history.

Rolex Submariner: 5 Reasons It’s a Killer Investment.

It also happens to be a great first investment piece for any serious watch collector.

Rolex Submariner 16610
Rolex Submariner 16610

Here are 5 reasons a Submariner should be on your list for your next watch purchase.

1. Value has been increasing over the last 30 years

Prices generally rise almost every year, so the time is now to make that jump. The graph below shows the historical increase until 2008 to give you an idea. Today, you can find a Submariner retailing for around $7,514.

2. Safe investment

According to experts, Submariners hold their value spectacularly well, no surprise as it’s one of the most popular and sought-after watch examples. As the enduring symbol of James Bond before the switch to Omega, it’s easy to understand the appeal. The watch has been on the wrist of countless adventurers, statesmen, and other classic icons.

3. Easy to wear

It’s be the perfect companion for everyday wrist wear, heartily resisting damage and maintaining its sleek look for years to come. Its versatile style can take you from a weekend adventure at the bottom of the sea to a black tie event.

4. Special editions

A Rolex Submariner 16610V (released in 2003 to celebrate the Submariner line’s 50th anniversary) is a particular great investment as it was discontinued in 2010, and is expected to increase in value over time.

5. The ultimate investment

If you’re ready to make the ultimate investment, invest in a vintage Submariner 1680, 5513, 6200, or 6538. A watch of this caliber is worth its weight in gold and some collectors are willing to pay up to $25,000 for a true vintage Submariner.

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How to Trade Watches? We’ve Got Some Tips for You


It’s simple, instead of selling for cash and accepting a lower price than what you paid, you can trade it for an item of similar value. Everyone gets what they want, and both items retain their full value for future transactions.


With a huge volume of professional watch dealers worldwide, specialists are particularly open to turning their inventory into purchasing power, as this given him a great return on his inventory. They don’t have to waste time (and money) searching for a particular watch, you’re there waiting to give it to them, and get something great in return.  


A watch dealer is going to be willing to offer a much better trade deal than an individual who paid full price for a watch. Think about it this way, the dealer already paid half price for the inventory watch, has little emotional attachment to said watch and have a better understanding of the depreciating values on the watch market.


Buying online has its inherent risks, but there’s always a way to stay safe. Request past trading references from your professional partner, and contact them. The key here is to make sure the references are available and identified, and more is always better. Also points if they have a solid website with BBB accreditation, Trustpilot ratings, and are willing to speak with you on the phone about a trade.


Say that you have a watch that is immense emotional value to another collector, maybe it will complete their collection, or some other emotional pull. The watch that doesn’t mean so much to you might not be worth as much as what the other collector is willing to trade, but the other collector is willing to take a cut in value just so they can get what they want. These ideal matches are what dreams are made out of!


The draw of a great trade with a partner overseas can be attractive, but also carries great risk. If possible, stick to trading with collectors that can trade in-person, and in secure public locations.


Authentication is a major key here, you’ll get further if your watch can be authenticated with any necessary papers and references from BBB certified watch dealers. Be honest about the condition of the timepiece and any imperfections, no matter how small. A hit to your credibility early on can hurt your reputation in future dealings.

Staying knowledgeable is the key to making a great deal. Where to go from here? Watch forums like Watch U Seek Trading Corner, online marketplaces like Ebay and social groups like Red Bar Group provide plenty of opportunities to find trading partners.

Easier still is downloading the Tradee app: we match you with other collectors who are looking for what you have, increasing your chances for finding the best deal. You can download the app here.

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The Rolex GMT Blueberry: One of the Rarest of Them All

Next to the Day Date, the 1675 offers the most bezel, case and dial variations of any Rolex: Pepsi, Coke, black, root-beer, copper, but the Blueberry is the perfect mix of stunning and extremely rare to set any collector’s heart racing.

It’s not just excitement to come across a Blueberry, it’s a thrill

Now, no one exactly knows much about the origins of the Blueberry. Originally designed for the eastern market in the 70s, it’s said that they were only offered on watches specially ordered by certain retailers (such as Cartier or Tiffany’s) or by a military group (French and UAE Air Force for example).

Collectors coined the name because of its distinctive blue bezel that contrasts beautifully with the common feature of a red hand, creating a real drool-worthy look.

The art of imitation

Certain Rolex variations are more sought-after than others because of their rarity and unique features. What really drives the Blueberry up in price is the fact that there are so many imitations out there, it’s easy enough to replace your Pepsi bezel with an aftermarket blue bezel with a little aged aesthetic.

The true blue bezels were made in a limited quantity in the 70s and the imitations are based on these models. Many Blueberries sold on the market in the past are even believed to have been by no means original, so it takes a considerable amount of time and homework to track one of these down.

© Tradee, Sylvain Lassalle
Where to find?

Going through a reputed dealer you can trust is key to making a secure purchase and to avoid being fooled by an after-market example. Check reviews, the dealer’s references and above all make the choice you feel most comfortable with.

If you’d like an authentic example to consider, Tradee has a rare Blueberry available from a dealer located in Paris available for offers on the Tradee app. You can find out more by visiting our website. 

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