How Much is Your Purse Really Worth?

Hermes and Chanel are the two brands with the best resell value on the market.
Hermes and Chanel are the two brands with the best resell value on the market.

For the best exchange it’s important to consider some questions and take certain steps:

1. Research: Is your handbag in demand?

Some handbags are worth more than others on the secondary market. The most in-demand handbags with the best resale value are (unsurprisingly) the Chanel 2.55 bag, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and the Hermes Birkin. Little known fact: Hermes Kelly bags in crocodile have increased in value by 123% since 2006 and in leather by 200%. Generally, as far as brands go, the following bag brands have the most demand overall:

Hermes, commands 80% to 120% of the original retail price.
Chanel, 85% of its original retail value in great condition.
Louis Vuitton, worth around 70% retail value.
Goyard, 1.3x the original retail price.

2. Provide some accurate and stunning photographs

Blurry, small or otherwise poor-quality photos will not do you any favors. Instead, take large, well-focused photos with great lighting that really showcase your handbag. You don’t even need a fancy camera, as long as you can take quality photos from your smartphone, that works too. Take as many photos as you can: important details like:

The inside, bottom, both sides and a close-up of the brand label and serial number (if it has one)
Make sure to show any flaws or stains
Include photos of worn areas like straps and corners
Show off the condition of the bag, the design and color

Take high-resolutions photos of your handbag, showing the full details
Take high-resolutions photos of your handbag, showing the full details
3. Determining your target asking price

A great strategy for figuring out what your bag should be going for competitively is to do an Advanced Ebay search (by clicking here) that can tell you what a bag like yours has gone for recently. Just make sure to click the “completed listings” in the second section area. There you can see what a bag like yours has been going for, and you can even search specific details such as locations, conditions of wear, and selling price. This can help you narrow down a competitive asking price.

4. Write an eye-catching description

The more information others have about about your handbag, the easier it is for them to make a decision about whether to make an offer or not. Include some important information about not only the designer, name and design, but also include honest information about the item’s condition, authenticity, when, where and for how much was the bag purchased.
Also make sure to include important keywords if the handbag is a limited edition, made of special materials or other unique item identifiers. This will only help other users see your item in a more positive light!

5. Considering your offers

What if there was a way you could instantly know what you handbag was worth, and save yourself hours of research? Test the value of your handbag immediately by posting it on Tradee, where we match you instantly with with items you could get in exchange for your handbag. It’s as simple as posting three photos.


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